Walocel MW 40000 PFV

Chemical Denomination

Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose

Properties and Applications

WALOCELTM MW 40000 PFV is a hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose with a delayed solubility designed for use as a thickener for water-based systems, and ceramic- and polymer-based tile adhesives. Compatible with all conventional mineral binders used in cement-based tile adhesive formulations, WALOCELTM MW 40000 PFV provides good open time, adhesion and shear strength. The selected particle size distribution offers quick, lump free dissolution.

It also enhances workability and water retention.

Laying and CoatingArgamassa Colante (Aplic. Espec.)
Argamassa de Assentamento
Reboco e Revest.

ThickenerHousehold Cleaners
Paints and Sealants
Technical MortarResin Base
Rough Putty
●● Highly Recommended ● Recommended


Handling in a dry and ventilated place is required. Use a dust mask and protective gloves. Check the manufacturer’s data sheet for more information.

Storage / Packaging

The Product is stable for 18 months if stored in a cool and airy place. Keep the product in bags always closed, hygroscopic product.

The product comes in multilayer bags weighing 25Kg.

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