The premix industrialization system allows clients to obtain specific additive compositions for their products, plants, and/or partners, with ensured quality and trackability.
This innovative solution provides more practicality and agility for clients, reducing the number of installations and operations in the factory, which enables them to widen their product range, to outsource more easily, the confidentiality of information, and the increase in productivity.


The development and quality control labs feature a structure with high-standard equipment in modern and bold environment, meeting the requisites of Brazilian norms. We have the ISO 9001:2008 certification, with ensured quality in the execution of our services, aiming at the clients’ satisfaction with commitment, ethics, and professionalism.

It is composed by high-quality professionals and equipment, with rigorous control in the receipt of raw materials and analyses, as well as in the release of final products.

The Trial and Development Lab features a modern structure, meeting the requisites of the Brazilian norms, with controlled temperature, humidity, and wind speed, where we develop solutions for the client according to the market’s needs and trends.

Cimental’s Laboratory goal is the full satisfaction of its customers, ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of its services through:

  • Management commitment to good professional practices, testing quality, compliance with NBR ISO 9001 and NBR ISO/IEC 17025 and improving the effectiveness of the management system;
  • Staff commitment and familiarization with the management system documentation;
  • Maintenance of high level of service.

Spray Drying

The only company in Latin America that has the system of spray dryer, Cimental Fermaflex provides polymers of different compositions and characteristics, meeting the market’s demands and trends.
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