Vinyl Acetate

Chemical Denomination

VAM, Vinyl Acetate Monomer.

Properties and Applications

Vinyl acetate monomer is an essential chemical building block for the production of a variety of resins that are sold on a daily basis in the adhesive, fiber, paper, packaging, textile industries, among others.


Handle in a ventilated area or with a general local ventilation/exhaust system. Avoid formation of vapors and mists. Avoid exposure to the product.

Use personal protective equipment:

Splash safety glasses
Safety gloves, suitable protective clothing and closed-toe shoes. The material used must be waterproof
A risk assessment must be carried out to adequately define respiratory protection taking into account the conditions of use of the product.
Follow guidance from the Respiratory Prevention Program (PPR)

A granel.


Storage / Packaging

The product is transported in Isotank.

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