Peramin® DEFOAM 50PE

Chemical Denomination

Hydrophobic Esters.

Properties and Applications

Peramin® DEFOAM 50PE antifoam is a powder product based on a mixture of hydrophobic esters compatible with all additives on the market and especially with Peramin® Conpac & SMF, but laboratory tests are recommended before any industrial use.

Peramin® DEFOAM 50PE is recommended for powder formulations, typically Peramin® DEFOAM 50PE dosage ranges from 0.05 – 0.5% by weight of binder.

Application fields are: dry mortar and concrete industry. Before use, it is recommended to read the safety data sheet.

Storage / Packaging

For optimum performance, Peramin® DEFOAM 50PE should be stored in its original packaging, in dry conditions at 5 – 40°C and not in direct contact with the ground.

When stored under these conditions, performance is guaranteed for a minimum period of 12 months. Peramin® DEFOAM 50PE is available on pallets of 20 bags of 25 kg.

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