Paraformaldehyde 91-93%

Chemical Denomination


Properties and Applications

Paraformaldehyde is a white solid with a pungent odor. It is a polymer of formaldehyde, also known as polyoxymethylene. For use in its most common form, paraformaldehyde is heated in water with a small addition of sodium hydroxide.

It is a versatile and extremely important product in the industry of various segments such as resins, agrochemicals, oil well drilling, textiles, among others.

Resinsphenol, melamine, urea, resorcinol. These resins are widely used to manufacture paper coatings, bearings, adhesives, molding compounds, electrical insulators, paints, lenses, fishing rods.
FungicidesFixative, fumigant and disinfectant. Widely used for fumigating yards and poultry incubators. In disinfectant actions it can also be used in household cleaning products.
AgrochemicalsFormaldehyde is a fundamental key for the synthesis of important active ingredients such as triazines and glyphosates.
Oil and GasIn the oil mining industry, paraformaldehyde is a precursor to the reaction of triazines, an important active ingredient used to sequester sulfur gas (H2S).


Handle in a ventilated environment using all personal protective equipment indicated in the Safety Data Sheet, section 8

Storage / Packaging

The product remains stable for 12 months if stored correctly. Keep in a cool and ventilated place. The material is distributed in multi-layered paper bags weighing 25 kg.

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