Expandit 10

Properties and Applications

EXPANDIT® 10 was developed especially for the coating and mortar industry: its function is based on chemical and physical reactions of its components.

EXPANDIT® 10 prevents shrinkage cracks in coatings and mortars, greatly improving their properties. At the same time, EXPANDIT® 10 reduces costs by reducing the amount of other additives.


It is a well-known fact that coatings and mortars in the fresh state (by application to a surface, evaporation, chemical bonding) lose water. Caused by this, the internal structure develops empty areas. Van-der-Waal forces create an internal tension. The use of special additives such as EXPANDIT® 10 eliminates this process and results in perfect coatings and mortars, without any cracks.


No other product like EXPANDIT® 10 prevents the occurrence of cracks in coatings and mortars as successfully. Excessive use of cellulose ethers, for example, is often impossible or not recommended due to unwanted side effects such as delayed setting, poor texture and stickiness. The specific features of EXPANDIT® 10 eliminate all these problems. The product components develop their effect during the process in planned time phases and prevent the occurrence of cracks.

EXPANDIT® 10 is the innovative answer to crack-free coatings and mortars.


0.4 – 1.5 kg of EXPANDIT® 10 / ton mortar.


Handling in a dry and ventilated place is required. Use a dust mask and protective gloves.

Storage / Packaging

The Product is stable for 18 months if stored in a cool and airy place. Keep the product in bags always closed, hygroscopic product. The product comes in multilayer bags weighing 25Kg.

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