Chemical Denomination

ELOTEX® 60W is a very hard redispersible polymer powder based on a copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene. Acts as an organic binder to improve the adhesion ability, cohesion and workability of corresponding construction materials such as ready-made dry mortars.

Mortars modified with this product have neutral rheology, better dry adhesion and greater resistance to abrasion. ELOTEX® 60W features low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission levels, allowing manufacturers to formulate finished products in accordance with eco-labeling requirements such as EMICODE.

Properties and Applications

Tile adhesives (Cl standard, ISO13007).
Mortars for tiles (CGl standard, ISO 13007).
Cement and plaster plasters.
Base and finishing coats (skim coats).
Joint fillers/smoothing compounds (gypsum and polymer based systems).
For any additional applications, please contact your local consultant.


ELOTEX® redispersible powders are not classified as hazardous. However, we recommend all individuals who use ELOTEX® redispersible powder or who come into contact with it to observe the separate Safety Data Sheets. Our safety experts will be happy to advise you on safety, health and environmental issues relating to our products.

Powder processing: ELOTEX® redispersible powders can be mixed in all commercial mixers with other dry additives to produce finished products in powder form.

As ELOTEX® redispersible powders exhibit thermoplastic behavior, mixing times must be as short as possible and significant temperature increases caused by strong shear forces must be avoided. All hydraulic and non-hydraulic curing dry mixes can be easily combined with ELOTEX® redispersible powder and then mixed with water before application.

Storage / Packaging

Store ELOTEX® powder in a cool, dry place in the original packaging at temperatures not exceeding 25°C and process within six months of the delivery date. Avoid storing ELOTEX® powder under pressure, in damaged bags, in contact with moisture or heat, or in bags left open for an extended period of time as this may result in the powder becoming blocked. If the product is to be stored for more than six months after the delivery date, users are advised to evaluate the properties necessary for the intended use.

Standard packaging: 25 kg paper bags with polyethylene lining. Other types of packaging, such as Big Bags or silo wagon delivery, are available upon request.

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