Cellosize QP 100MH

Chemical Denomination


Properties and Applications

CELLOSIZE QP 100MH hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is the highest molecular weight cellulosic polymer offered by The Dow Chemical Company, and aqueous solutions of CELLOSIZE QP 100MH HEC are the most pseudoplastic (non-Newtonian) in their rheology.

CELLOSIZE QP 100MH HEC is used to thicken household cleaning products, in the fabrication of toilet tank drop-in tablets, and other applications where very high thickening efficiency is the dominant performance requirement.

Thickenershousehold cleaning products
Paints and Sealants
Technical mortarResin base
●● Highly Recommended ● Recommended

Storage / Packaging

Standard packaging: 25 kg bag, protect from heat and humidity. Store in a dry place, avoiding extreme temperature fluctuations.

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