Chemical Denomination

Cr Co Al

Properties and Applications

The blue inorganic pigments are synthesized based on Cobalt Oxide and Chromium III.

They are recommended for indoor and outdoor areas, have excellent durability and high resistance to UV degradation, weathering, acidity and alkalinity.

Algumas aplicaçõesRecomendação
ConstructionMortars in General
Grouting Mortarsl
Concrete (floors, blocks, roof tile)
Hydraulics floorsl
Decorative Coatings Indoor and Outdoor
●● Altamente Recomendado   ● Recomendado

Storage / Packaging

Typical Packaging: 25 KG bags.

We recommend storing the product in a dry place, keeping the packaging closed to avoid contamination. Under these conditions, the product has an indefinite shelf life.


Azul Luz God - P110.GOD20250 Download Datasheet
Azul Luz God - P110.GOD20249 Download Datasheet
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