Chemical Denomination

Synthetic iron oxide

Properties and Applications

The black inorganic pigments are synthesized on the basis of Iron Oxide, they have a structure of spherical particles that define their properties; color, stability, dispersion, tinting and shinpower and coverage.

Micronized black pigments stand out for their fast dispersibility, tinting power and low oil absorption.

They are recommended for indoor and outdoor areas, have excellent durability and high resistance to UV degradation, weathering, acidity and alkalinity.


Black pigments cover products with moderate tinting power and with shades ranging from gray black to more intense black tones.

ConstructionMortars in General
Grouting Mortars
Concrete (floors, blocks, roof tile)
Hydraulics floors
Decorative Coatings Indoor and Outdoor
Decorative, Protective and Epoxy
Industrials and Anti Corrosive
Specialties Polímeros
Compuestos de madera y plástico
Laminados de papel decorativos
Productos cosméticos

●● Highly Recommended ● Recommended

Storage / Packaging

Typical Packaging: 25 KG bags.

We recommend storing the product in a dry place, keeping the container closed to avoid contamination. Under these conditions, the product has an indefinite useful life.


Bayferrox 318 (PF)_English rev.09 Download Datasheet
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FISPQ - Bayferrox 318 (PF) - Rev 05-2018 Download FISPQ
FISPQ - Bayferrox 318M - Rev 09-2018 Download FISPQ
FISPQ - Bayferrox 340 - Rev 12-2018 Download FISPQ
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