Active Alumin

Chemical Denomination

Aluminum Oxide and Calcium Aluminate.

Properties and Applications

Active Alumina is a hydraulic binder that promotes excellent performance in structural materials, due to its high modulus of elasticity, refractoriness, hardness, resistance to chemical attack and resistance at high and low temperatures. Accelerates cement hardening and provides high mechanical strength.

Its use is recommended for mortars that require fast drying and high resistance, refractory masses, grouts, concretes, etc.


Handling in a dry and well-ventilated place is required. Use dust mask and protective gloves

Storage / Packaging

The Product remains stable for 18 months if stored in a cool and ventilated place. Keep the product in always closed bags, hygroscopic product. The product goes in multi-ply sacks weighing 25 kg.

Physicochemical Characteristics

Analysis ItemUnitSpecifiedTest Method
Visual Appearance-White powder-
AI₂O₃%> 40-
CaO%< 20-
Humidity%Max. 1MIA LQ 06
Density(g / L)900-1100MIA LQ 02
pH-10,0 – 11,5MIA LQ 05
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